Northern Counties Whippet Club

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Open Show - Sunday 2nd September 2018

Judge: Pamela Hunter (Mossbawnhill)

Grimsargh Village Hall


Nr Preston

Lancs PR2 5JS


Northern Counties Whippet Club would like to offer  a Heart Testing Session in conjunction with our September Open show on 4th September 2016

Testing will be done Mr Mike Holgate, BVetMed CertVC MRCVS, Member of the Veterinary Cardiovsacular Society


·  To identify dogs free from any cardiac abnormality.

·  To ascertain the prevalence of heart murmurs, abnormal rhythms or specific heart defects in Whippets.

·  To confirm the cause of heart murmurs or abnormal rhythms by further investigation of affected animals

·  To collate data for investigation of a possible genetic basis to a specific heart problem in a given breed by the cardiologist, this data will not be given to any third party without the owners consent

The certificate of testing  will be given to the owner on the day with the test results and recommendations for further investigation if indicated  

·  We will be offering the Auscultation (examination with a stethoscope) method of heart testing. This is an essential part of examining the animals' heart and circulation. Any heart murmurs are identified, timed, localised and graded (grade 0 - 6)


The cost of the Auscultation testing will be £20 per dog.  We hope this is a price, which is affordable and will therefore encourage Whippet owners and breeders to test their dogs on a regular basis.

The dogs registration certificate (and  microchip details if applicable)  must be available on the day


If you would like to book your dogs in to be tested please contact the club Health Officer, Jan Pennance ( or by telephone 01270 624387( eve after 6 oclock.)  Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis and we would ask that a £10 deposit for each dog is taken. 

Time slots will be allocated in advance and we will ensure that these will not clash with classes if your dog is entered in the show. 

It is recommended that dogs be over the age of 12 months of age in order to collect meaningful and accurate readings.

Please support this initiative, bring along your older dogs too that may not be entered in the show today but their heart health may influence future decisions in your own breeding programme.

The Kennel Club will be launching a new data base for publication of any test results ( not solely the tests currently required for a breed) if therefore you wish to publish your results from the day this facility will soon be available